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No sound on iPhone

andrekadowandrekadow Posts: 29Member
Hello there, I'm brazilian so sorry for my English....

I made a simple app, just for test purpose. 1 actor that play sound (ogg) when touch is pressed.

On Gamesalad's Preview everything works fine but when I upload it to iTunes/iPhone there are no sound.

Any ideas?


  • scorelessmusicscorelessmusic Posts: 565Member
    There could be multiple issues, and is usually down to the file format and other things regarding the encoding.

    Is the original file an .ogg? Or did GameSalad convert it to .ogg when you added it in?
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    Just to make sure, but your iPhone is not set to silent?
  • scorelessmusicscorelessmusic Posts: 565Member
    Nice one, FMG. That got me a couple of times. ^_^
  • andrekadowandrekadow Posts: 29Member
    I used another software to save as .ogg and works!! thanks!!! the first version was saved on windows so....
  • ValanValan Posts: 405Member
    I had the exact same problem.

    That damn mute switch!

    Cheers firemaplegames.
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