the iphone hates my music :(

PPenguinPPenguin Member, PRO Posts: 110
My iphone is crashing whenever I try to start up my game's background music (works in the simulator).. So I would assume it's because of the memory difference between my Mac and my iphone..

But it's not a huge audio file. It's 16-bit stereo 22 kHz, almost 3 minutes long, and the filesize is 2.5 mb (.aac).. What format usually guarantees the best results on the iphone?

I'm having it start the music as a result of a touch action.. Is this a bad idea? Again, it seems to work fine in the preview simulator.


  • PPenguinPPenguin Member, PRO Posts: 110
    fixed it..

    the iphone seems to like the .m4a format slightly better.
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