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Creating buttons

MonjiOMonjiO Posts: 20Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hello all, I have a (hopefully) easy question to answer: How do I make clickable mouse buttons if there are more than one buttons on the screen? I'm trying to make a main menu screen with a start game button and a credits button. Currently, each button is set up like this:

When All Conditions are valid: Actor receives event mouse button is down: change scene to (level 1 or credits, depending on the button)

What happens is that no matter where I click on the screen, if I'm not clicking near either button, it will take me to the Credits. Isolating the problem down, the Credits button was the last button that I saved. When I change around the Start Game button and save that, then no matter where on the screen I click then it will only launch the first level.

Any advice on this would be appreciated!


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