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CLAYCLAY Member Posts: 72
hey guys I've finished my app and I manage it in itunes connect, I also downloaded the application loader. In the application loader they ask me to choose my application, ( I've already published my game through gamesalad and I've recived and .app file from there servers) Is it that file that i have to upload cuz I can't select it from the application loader... Do i need a distribution profile ( I've followed all the instruction in the gamesalad wiki support and I didn't see the i have to make a distribution profile ) or something like that ... I really want to publis my game please help !


  • hrsmediahrsmedia Member Posts: 522
    You have to compress the .app file into a .zip then you can upload it.

    Edit: Also you need to use a AppStore distribution profile when you build the final version.
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