JUZ - Gravity Based Platformer! [Coming Soon]

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Hey guys, just tidying up the loose ends on my major project. This has taken almost 3 full months of work, and all my spare time outside of my day job and my band. Here's a description to help you better understand the game!

You play as Juz, and need to find all 8 missing guitar picks in each stage, while trying to reach the exit as fast as possible. Sounds easy... until you realise the level wraps on itself, and that you need to change gravity to reach alot of them.

Along your way you'll encounter some foes... Emo Kids, Record Label Executives, Skaters, Punks and Hippies. Each world has a theme (as you'll see in the video), with various other items throughout the game that make exploring each level just a bit more interesting!

There's also a hidden powerup in each world that will help you to collect some of the picks you either can't reach, AND help you beat some levels with faster times. Collecting the picks quickly will give you a 1-3 star rating, which will further unlock more levels.

I plan on uploading this in the next few days, so long as it doesn't get rejected. I'm just a bit worried about the 0.9 crash after the splash page!

Also, please bump my TA thread if you could :)


  • rdcuberdcube Member Posts: 361
    looks awesome...who did the graphics?
    looking forward to playing this one, looks like a lot of fun.

    Good luck!
  • magic101himagic101hi Member Posts: 713
    how did you record the vid?

  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    I did all the pixel art myself, but the splash page I got Syd's help with! (http://gamesalad.com/forums/topic.php?id=11310)

    I used Screenflow, but it seemed to make my game look a bit jumpy when it actually runs great!

    Thanks guys!
  • magic101himagic101hi Member Posts: 713
    Sorry for not knowing Screenflow that well but how did you remove the mouse?

  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    Under the monitor icon on the right just untick the "Show Mouse Pointer" option :)
  • revsterrevster Member Posts: 18
    How do you do your music? Those are some sweet tunes!
  • Sunny_1etha1Sunny_1etha1 Member Posts: 41
    Is this GS? If so, this sets the bar for any platformer I've seen made with it. Looking forward to release, good luck!
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    That looks awesome! I wish you the best of luck with it!
  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    Thanks alot guys!

    I make all my music with Easy Beat. It's a midi program I've used for about 10 years and it even exports to Garageband

    Yup it's all GS!

    Thanks heaps!
  • MLCinemaMLCinema Member Posts: 133
    WOW! Very nice.
  • TwistedMechTwistedMech Member Posts: 408
    looks really good. It would be great if there was a demo uploaded so we could play with the web plugin/browser :-)
  • whity7whity7 Member Posts: 58
    When the screen flips did you give all of the actors a rotation event and change the gravity?
  • THRSTNTHRSTN Member Posts: 178
    wow looks great cant wait to try it out.
  • RHRH Member Posts: 1,079
    Looks really nice!

    Personally I'm not a huge fan of the really big controls but other than that, I love it.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    Sunny_1etha1 said:
    Is this GS? If so, this sets the bar for any platformer I've seen made with it. Looking forward to release, good luck!

    Lots of truth in this.

    Very impressed, Juz - this deserves to do very very well!

    QS :D

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  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 6,598
    Looking good and fun to play! Best of luck with it. :-)

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  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    Wow thanks alot everyone! A couple people at TA suggested changing the HUD buttons to suit the art style a bit more. I just spent a couple hours trying a few different types and I just can't keep them looking polished, so I might look into it in an update. I did make a minor change to them which I hope will sit well with everyone.

    When the screen flips, unfortunately you have to spin your iPhone around. I DID have a workaround for this where the camera rotated, but the coordinates for other touches were affected (like using powerups on bad guys and destroying walls by touch). In the end it doesn't make too much of a difference. I've had multiple people test it and I had a hard time getting my phone back!

    The buttons might look big on the screenshots, but when you're playing your fingers cover them completely, and makes them much easier to hit. I guess I could have a blank area around the button if I made them smaller though.

    A demo would be cool, but because I haven't got the camera rotating, when playing on the roof with the screen upside down you'll get a headache :P

    I've finished off the iTunes screenshots now and I'm about to submit this to Apple! Feels good to finally have it ready!
  • diegocsdiegocs Member Posts: 531
    Good luck with your game man, and hope you can spare yourself some promo codes, haha
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Member Posts: 5,390
    Looks quality, best of luck with sales!
  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    Submitted and awaiting review. I've uploaded my iTunes screenshots into the TA thread :)

    Anyone care to help me bump?

  • TaidakenTaidaken Member Posts: 271
    Hey juz! looks really good!, hope it does well for ya, you deserve it! if u ever need another splash screen done up ill be more than ready to help :)
  • Jake_RusselJake_Russel Member Posts: 26
    This game is really really good! I've been waiting to see a real platform game to be made with gamesalad like this. You actually did it! You actually did it! You should feel proud of yourself for making such a high quality game. Its almost like a 2D version of Mario Galaxy (if it were made in 1989). I am blown away by your game. This is the type of game I want to make with gamesalad, and now I will use this game as an inspiration to do my own (of course it will be different). I seriously thought a platform game at this level like this was not possible but you showed everyone that there is almost no limit when using gamesalad and some hard work. REALLY GOOD JOB!! I know this game will make it to the top ten games on the app store.

  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    Thanks alot guys!!! Jake, thanks for the awesome words!!

    To try and boost sales I've made my first game free for one week (Juzzies - http://gamesalad.com/forums/topic.php?id=13817). I've also sent in an update for Juzzies to add a splash screen advertising the new one to try and help it sell (with other little fixes). After it's first 12 hours of being free it's had over 1000 downloads!

    If all goes well I'm hoping for this game to be available sometime next week (will be available for 99c). I'll start a new thread when it drops! Thanks for the support everyone!
  • ARC_GamesARC_Games Member Posts: 78
    Hope your game does well. It looks good... I'm working on a platformer with GS that hopefully will be out relatively soon. Since I'm working on a platformer, I can attest to the fact that it is very hard to do with GS, so major kudos to you for getting one done well. Best of luck with it!
  • mintmomegmintmomeg Member, PRO Posts: 261
    what program that you use to snap game to your tube and how to do it
  • HoneyTribeStudiosHoneyTribeStudios Member Posts: 1,792
    Just thought I'd add my thoughts on marketing. The theme of the game has a good niche, so you should exploit that - try and get mentioned/reviewed by metal/rock/alternative mags and websites. Obviously they focus on music and bands but will prob have little sections on related entertainment - DVDs, games etc.

    I'd be temped to change the music too so it fits in more with that rock/alternative theme. Parodies of classic songs (with altered melodies so as not to infringe on copyright of course) in an 8 bit sound design could work?

    Good to see its possible to make a proper 2D platformer in GS so well done for that.
  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    Thanks for the thoughts Shaz. Initially I was thinking of using my band's music in it, but I really didn't want to put people off from playing it because of the style, so instead I thought I'd just make some music that would be a little more accepted and less risky. That being said, if other people suggested the same then I'd maybe add the option to have a more band-oriented soundtrack. I also experimented with 8-bit too but it just didn't fit because of the style of art. I tried using more real sounding instruments through garageband but then that sounded too advanced for the art. Instead the midi sound I think clicks a lot better.

    I'm expecting this to go in review by the end of the week, I hope I'm not wrong. And I just found a couple spelling/grammar errors in the tutorial which made my heart sink >< I'll be sending in an update as soon as it drops to clean that up, as well as a couple other small adjustments.

    Depending on sales I'll also be teaming up with some experienced pixel artists and spending a bit of money on my next platformer project :)
  • HoneyTribeStudiosHoneyTribeStudios Member Posts: 1,792
    Yeah good point about the music not being out of place/matching the visuals. How about versions of your band music using the same sounds as the current music? Then you can release the various versions (original and video game) as music tracks on iTunes. A bit of cross promotion. Assuming the other band members don't take themselves too seriously and are ok with that ;o)

    Just looked at your jump sample template. Does the game use a modified or different set of rules? (the jump in the vid you posted looks smoother)
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