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scitunesscitunes Member, Sous Chef Posts: 4,047
Does anyone know of a program that can turn video footage into a series of images that could then be used for an animation sequence?


  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    Quicktime Pro is the one I use...
  • scitunesscitunes Member, Sous Chef Posts: 4,047
    It can turn a video clip into a series of png files?
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Member Posts: 5,390
    pretty sure that is correct scitunes
  • billpaternobillpaterno Member Posts: 26
    yes i can confirm this. Quicktime Pro can export an image sequence. You can choose from several image formats like PNG, JPG , BMP, etc.

    If you have some video you want to convert over for a test, let me know. I can do that for you pretty quickly. That way you can test it out and see if it is worth it.
  • scitunesscitunes Member, Sous Chef Posts: 4,047
    @billpaterno - Thanks, that's a nice offer. I am willing just to take your word for it. Do you think that if I shot video using a realatively nice digital camcorder and used quicktime pro to make a sequence of images that it would look nice in a GS animation behavior?

    Anyone else tried this? If so, are you satisfied with the results? Would it be possible to use this for some sort of stop motion effect?
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    you can totally use this for a stop motion effect.

    you'd have to run tests to see though...
    it'll be a little tough on the iPhone processor...

    Quicktime Pro will take a movie, and give you a perfect series of images, one per frame.
    But be aware that video can be upwards of 30 frames per second, so very quickly you will have a ton of images.

    You can set QP to export to any frame rate you want, the lower the frame rate, the less images, but the less smooth it appears.

    All the video you see on the internet, youtube, apple trailers, anything really, is all just a series of still images.
    The more images, the smoother the quality of the movie, but also the file size goes up dramatically.
  • billpaternobillpaterno Member Posts: 26
    absolutely would work for stop motion. Although I would probably jump down to either 12 or 15 fps.

    I do some animation at my work (video production company) and have done stop motion quite a bit. There is a nice little program called frame thief where you can use a simple digi still camera and a computer. You can capture one frame at a time and have some nice features like onion skinning.

    If you need any help with that sort of thing, drop me a line.
  • giacomopoppigiacomopoppi Member, PRO Posts: 914
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