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Photoshop Animation/exporting Question

iHaveReturndiHaveReturnd Posts: 1Member
I am looking for a more effective way to save individual frames of an animation in photoshop than to select each frame, then go to save file for web & devices, select PNG, repeat.

Gamesalad doesn't take animated GIF's, so does anyone know of a more effective way to save each frame from Photoshop?

If that wasn't clear let me know please . :D


  • SaveDaveSaveDave Posts: 140Member
    Within Photoshop you have imageready... This enables you to layout your animations frame by fram and then export the whole animation as individual png files for each frame.
  • QbAnYtOQbAnYtO Posts: 523Member
    I would use flash. U can export animations frame by frame and in vector art and in png!!!!
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