Galactic.Towers New & Noteworthy???

tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
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So I was looking at appannie today and it says Galactic.Towers is new & noteworthy in the UK store for strategy games.

1. Can someone please look and tell me if thats true? (cause that would be cool)
2. How can this be possible with only 3 UK downloads?



  • CodeCodeCodeCode Member Posts: 200
    sorry, but its not
  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 6,598
    I thought someone posted recently saying that New & Noteworthy isn't on the App Store anymore; I guess it's come back?

    PS sad for your disappointment, tenrdrmer

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  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
    Im not disappointed I couldn't believe it was accurate. How do you look at new and noteworthy for other stores?
    Prodigio I thought you were on the german store?
  • juntaoujuntaou Member Posts: 9
    Yeah app annie is bugged, its been telling me off and on Switchit is being featured as well, however it never is... :(, moral of the story is app annie has issues. Sorry.
  • gazjmgazjm Member Posts: 578
    galactic towers is in N&N for UK stratergy, just checked. Have a look yourself by going to the bottom right of itunes and clicking the flag icon, then choose uk to browse the uk store!
  • CodeCodeCodeCode Member Posts: 200
    Yep i am on the German store.
    Just go to itunes, then god down and to the right you can see the flag from your country, just click on it, then you can see all the diferent stores^^
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
    Found it Thanks Guys. LOL not that being new and note worthy on a list buried all the way down into the strategy category will help very much. LOL

    Still I guess its cool its listed somewhere. And if I understand correctly it will stay there till app store opens again right?
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