iTunes Connect open again! Sales Data!

HunnenkoenigHunnenkoenig Member Posts: 1,173
As the title says.
You get your sales data in appfigures too.


  • POMPOM Member Posts: 2,599
    I wish they stayed closed ;/ , only 27 sales for this whole week for Party Popper
  • diegocsdiegocs Member Posts: 531
    yeah they open a while ago 3 hours or so
  • osucowboy18osucowboy18 Member Posts: 1,307
    Sorry to hear that :( My app, iJetSki, sold 87 copies during the iTunes Connect shutdown.
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    sold 21 paid apps...
    8 of which cost $4.99 :-)

    and 6,878 copies of the lite version of Quake Builder.
  • 8BitMichael8BitMichael Member, PRO Posts: 125
    Wow, I love Christmas on the App Store! 600% increase in sales on christmas day.
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
    Wow. I had 0 sales period. Kinda bummed about that. LOL Oh well first app and I learned a lot. Gonna dump some prom codes real soon since i'm sending in an update.
  • HunnenkoenigHunnenkoenig Member Posts: 1,173
    For us it was very bad too.

    Sales increased slightly.

    The best day was the 25th, but we had only ~100% increase, so we earned the double amount on that day (which was around $700 for Alpine Crawler World). The other days were rather the same as usual or a bit higher.

    I think EA killed christmas for everybody.
  • FetaboyFetaboy Member, PRO Posts: 191
    Awesome! ~$300 per day, up from ~$30-50/day. 12k/day for one of my free apps. If it's anything like last year, it'll be a nice and slow decline and never quite go as low as pre-holiday #'s.
  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKMember Posts: 2,484
    Mine were okay. My 2 paid apps outsold free ones which was nice.

    24th - 247
    25th - 379
    26th - 372
    27th - 396

  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Member Posts: 5,690
    Not bad here too.

    25th - 309
    26th - 278
    27th - 227

    Running Wild didn't add much to those figures so very disappointed with RW atm...

    25th - 4
    26th - 2
    27th - 1

  • peachpellenpeachpellen Member Posts: 977
    I got a nice 200% to 300% increase, depending on the day - overall I suppose around 280% increase.

    Still, not a lot of money as I wasn't doing fantastically beforehand, but it sure will help. :D
  • azavegaazavega Member Posts: 362
    No luck here i keep doing 3 or 4 downloads a day...
  • izamizam Member, PRO Posts: 484
    I wonder why there are sales spike for some of us but not for others during that period...
    The sales increase appears to be quite a jump, judging from the responses here.

    Could it be because more people are getting iPads during that time?
  • NexusGameStudioNexusGameStudio Member Posts: 265
    Sadly no sales spike for me, rather sales decrease :( single digit units sold per a day at this point. It's weird since my game seems to be getting extremely positive reviews and reception, yet sales are abysmal.
  • izamizam Member, PRO Posts: 484
    That's the strange thing! I think it's worth discussing why some are fortunate enough where as others are not so.
    For those who have a sales spike, do you promote your games aggressively? How about those who are not so fortunate, did you do any marketing?
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    I didn't do any marketing to promote it, other than a quick post on an old thread on touch arcade to try and boost sales of the lite version.
  • NexusGameStudioNexusGameStudio Member Posts: 265
    For Gravonaut, we did very aggressive marketing to promote the game through press releases to many many sites and youtube reviewers, constant blog updates, twitter, facebook, youtube commercial, forum posts (such as TA) even fellow supporters helped us out to spread the word.

    Unfortunately out of all the sites that I sent press releases to, only 1 actually reviewed it. Most of the major sites completely disregarded our launch announcement. We've even been featured in N&N under the arcade and adventure categories and still no sales spikes.

    We're working on a new update for the game, with it I'm thinking of changing the app icon to see if that makes a difference.
  • FetaboyFetaboy Member, PRO Posts: 191
    For me, I think my spike was because one of my apps was already in the top 200 before the holidays, so it had some visibility. The increase in downloads of the one app(both free and paid versions) then drove some additional sales for my other apps.

    The downloads are still increasing. 16.5k for the free version yesterday.
  • izamizam Member, PRO Posts: 484
    @stormystudio: i think the postings at toucharcade did help your increase in your lite version. Did you have a URL forwarding to cross market your other games?

    @Nexus: that is really a damper. I hope things will turn around for the better once the update comes.

    @Fetaboy: Do you reckon users will scroll through the list of top 200 apps?...I wonder how many people will do this. It is interesting that you mention that the increase in an app drove the sales for the others. Do you use URL forwarding in your app?
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