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Hey, I'm new to this KINDA. I can do all the basic's so basically what happens is my actor is flying up the screen sort of like doodle jump but it's set to go up automatically, and as soon as it hit's an item i want it to fall down the screen. But every time i make a rule for the actor to collide with the object & then to send it downwards, it does not work!? I also have the variables setup so that the Going up never ends. Kind of hard to explain. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!!!


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    At least one of the actors needs to have physics enabled.

    Also, I had some problem with collision detection in my pinball games. I used the "Collide" attribute for bounces, as the rules appear to be skipped sometimes.

    To make sure that the ball didn't fly through the flipper, I set a maximum speed. I put collide behaviors on both the ball and the flippers and I put the important rules / behaviors at the top of the actor.
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    Okay, that didn't work, but i just discovered something, on the 'platform' actor i set a rule so 'if collide with 'ship' then 'display text' as a test, and it works. I do that on the 'ship' actor the one i want the collide to work on, it doesn't work? I can print screen settings if you like....
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    OKAY, sorry i feel very stupid. If anyone else is wondering what i was doing wrong, i was editing the actor when and wasn't updating the actor on the actual scene, as it was locked. GRRR
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