VIDEO - How to Make A Million Dollars In the iPhone App Store

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I found the video interesting... was an interview at the business insider. It's basically the same information that you'd find on this forum. Heh... or in my book... but it echos an important overall theme - there's money to be made on the iPhone App Store.

I think that the Business Insider tends to sensationalize their headlines. I think it's really hard to become an overnight millionaire with the iTunes App Store, but there are clear signs of success. Those who work hard at it... keep trying... and continue to build better apps... seem to be making money. It may not make you an overnight millionaire, but the iTunes App Store seems to be a nice second income - or even primary income - for those that can make it happen.


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Member Posts: 5,690
    She's wrote a book on how to make a million on the app store? i don't get it...why doesn't she pay someone to write an app if she knows so much and make a million that way.

    I'm pretty sure no one will buy her book :)



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    She needs the money by selling her book to pay somebody to make her app, which will make her a millionaire :-P
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    Those who
    Those who can't....try to teach others to do (*)

    or something to that effect ;)

    (*) excluding Photics of course
  • PhoticsPhotics Member Posts: 4,172
    Sparkyidr said:
    (*) excluding Photics of course

    Heh, you can decide if you think her book is useful or not. My point is that people are talking about this stuff - and I think that's great.

    I think I'm a better teacher than app builder. Teaching is also a talent. It involves consuming vast amounts of information and breaking it down into easily understood lessons.

    As for millionaires, there's something interesting about a lot of them — they're never satisfied. It's like having money is some sort of disease... like a squirrel in a perpetual state of gathering nuts. 10 million, 50 million, 100 million, one billion... how much is enough?

    I think it's important to be concerned about money when making future plans, but it's not the only thing to consider.
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    yeah...I normally love videos/articles about app store success...but it did seem like she knows bugger all...except the obvious...

    "In short: A good idea, good execution, smart marketing, and some luck."

    So the reason to buy her whole book is what exactly?, it makes you lucky?

    Photics you should get her to pay you a million to put your book inside her book..
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