Thought i'd introduce myself seeming that's what a few people do.

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Hey all!

My names is Brian (really? lol)

I'm 23 and very pationate about games and making your own story.

I've known of GameSalad for a while, but Financed a MAC and signed up on the 7th of January this year and i'm proud to be working with such a great community.

I do find myself to be a rather over the top sort of guy, with comments and Questions, but i'm just keen to learn!

I've been working on a game for just over 2 months now and i'm very excited about releasing it and moving onto my next project, there are soooo many things I want to do to it, but at the moment i
m trying to get the finishing touches done so I can release it and do updates later down the track.

My Budget is low, but my drive is high! Spending over 6 hrs a day on my game and continuing.

Love GameSalad.

P.S if anyone wants to offer me some one on one help with my final changes, i'd love it...



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