What are the top 30?

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I've been doing some market research tonight, thinking about long-term strategy. While I've been working really hard on BOT, what happens afterwards? Which is worse, never achieving success or being labeled a one-hit wonder? I don't want to be the game development equivalent of Vanilla Ice (Ice Ice Baby) or Nena "99 Luftballoons".

Although, it seems that I'm already a success...

Commove is a top 100 game, in puzzles and board games, which is the point of this thread.

GameSalad posted this...

...and stated...
To date, GameSalad’s free-to-use, drag-and-drop game creation platform has been used to create over 8,500 games, including more than 30 top 100 U.S. Games in Apple’s App Store.

Perhaps GameSalad should list those 30 games. (Was my game counted? I think there are more than 30 top 100 GameSalad games.) It should keep a listing of the top GameSalad games by their highest ranking on the iTunes App Store. In the event of a tie, duration could be used as the tie-breaker.

Maybe I should create this list and put it on Photics.com?


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