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Gel Mania, My New Game

4DFrog4DFrog Posts: 23Member
edited November -1 in Non-GS Game News
Hi Everybody,

Here is my new game, Gel Mania. Please check it out, and also, how can I contact a publisher?


  • LuckyLurcherLuckyLurcher Posts: 343Member
    Just had a quick go on easy level. It looks interesting.
  • ApplaudAppsApplaudApps Posts: 308Member
    Not made with GameSalad then if it has gamecenter!
  • touchtentouchten Posts: 96Member
    Isn't this "announce your game" section limited to gamesalad games?
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Posts: 23Member

    I just got to the New and Noteworthy for family and kids. I made all my prototypes with Gamesalad, and it was awesome, since I'm not a programmer and there were no other way for me to make a game. Then I had a post on GameSalad forum and I was looking for a professional Programmer to program my game and also include Gamecenter, and then I referred to Cocos 2D. So The final version made by cocos2d, but THANK YOU SO MUCH TO GAMESALAD SOFTWARE that made it that easy for me to try all my ideas and play with my own ideas.
  • olster1olster1 Posts: 396Member
    If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost?
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Posts: 23Member
    I'm sorry, I rather not to say that since this is my programmer business. But just a hint: My Budget was VERY LOW and he accepted to make the game for me, although we both knew that this is not the real price for this product and I really hope that this product sells, so I can compensate him on the updates.

    BTW, I'm subscribing to this topic via emial, and it does not do anything, everytime I have to manually come to this page, any idea? and solution? Please help. Thanks.
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