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What do we do when we find Grandpa out back?

Great game BTW!


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    That's the end for now...

    Currently working on a new, much larger adventure game.
    It will be about 5x the size of Grisly Manor.

    Once that is finished, I will make a proper sequel to Grisly Manor.

    One of my concerns when making GM was the file size.
    I did not want to needlessly limit sales potential for an unknown game
    by exceeding the 20MB limit imposed by AT&T.

    I was able to get the final size down to 19.4MB, but at the expense
    of game length of course.

    Now that the game was pretty successful, I am more confident
    to ignore that limit and go all out.

    I will post some screenshots of the new game in a few weeks!

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    Can't wait to see what you're working on!
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    Yes please post some screenshots, i bought Grisly Manor and it was a great game, it really inspired me.
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    Thanks guys!
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    When you change Scenes?

    It's just a series of .pngs with a smaller and smaller hole cut out from the center of each one...

    That actor is above everything.
    When you tap on something to change a Scene, it just uses the Animate behavior to cycle through them.
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    2 firemaplegames, first of all, i'm playing "The Secret of Grisly Manor" right now and it's great! But what amaze me as a developer, that there is no loading between scenes. Did it was like that when Grisly Manor was made with GS, and if "yes" then could you tell us how did you achieve that?
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    The app was redone with Corona, so not exactly a huge victory for GameSalad.
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    Yeah, but he made the most money with the GS version ;)

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    mynameisace said:
    Yeah, but he made the most money with the GS version ;)
    Yeah, that's what I've read. He's got another game coming out... something like a sequel I think... if that game does well, then it's not GameSalad. If it doesn't, then what? Does that make GameSalad special?
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    Today i go a email from Corona, looks like Grisly Manor is on the nook now!!!
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    @firemaplegames -- can't wait for the sequel to Grisly Manor.

    I have to admit, when I found grandpa, I was all excited to finally discover the secret, only to find out there's another secret to figure out. Nested secrets? Doh!

    Will the next one be called "The Real Secret of Grisly Manor"? ;-)
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    wanna know the real secret of grisly manor?

    I love GameSalad! :D

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    Photics said:
    Yeah, that's what I've read.
    Where i can read about how exactly is was made(i mean, no loading)?
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