Anyone working on an iPad app yet?

EastboundEastbound Member, BASIC Posts: 1,074
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Just wondering :p


  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    Nope, but wanting to! We can work on one now that we can change the screen size in the newest version of gamesalad right?
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    Just finished most of the drawings for my first proper game. Think I'm gonna make it for the ipad first, then once thats done, scale down all the images via photoshop and make an iphone version.

    Hopefully I will be able to copy and paste any rules across. Or simple change the scale of the project, then update images with the scaled down versions. Plus change any values that are needed.

    Thought I'd go for the ipad version first so it can be one of the first in the app store. As I'm sure before long there will be 100,000 apps tailored for it too.

    Hopefully there will be an ipad only search function on the app store.
  • dereklaruedereklarue Member Posts: 121
    To me theres no point atm, the iPad can play iPhone apps. So for now, Im just going to create iPhone apps. Maybe once I get one and can test it properly. :)
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    Yep...just struck me testing will be a problem unless I get one... I was thinking I'd hold out till iPad v2 when there might be a camera, GPS etc etc.

    Ok, iphone version first, and will save high res copies of each image for the future.
  • design219design219 Member Posts: 2,273
    Keep in mind that when they say double the resolution of an iPhone, it's actually 4 times in pixels and image file size. I would think apps are going to get very large unless they are vector based.
  • gregr209gregr209 Member Posts: 441
    I was just going to ask out this question!

    I have started, however I haven't decided yet if I am going to use GameSalad or go straight Xcode for my first iPad app. I think I will probably prototype it in GameSalad and then build it in Xcode with the help of a friend. With all the weirdness and update problems with GameSalad lately, well I sort of don't trust it anymore until there is at least a more stable vers. that is working. The fact that random isn't random, the moveto command doesn't work properly, and timers have issues, I just can't see rewriting things over and over again. This last update broke 3 games for me. They were all written with work arounds for the problems with GameSalad and now that some of those things are fixed the apps are broke now...NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG....I LOVE GAMESALAD!!!!!! Just hope the problems get fixed.

    Anyway back to the iPad thing to keep in mind is when doing graphics you should be using 131 dpi. I think that is correct. Plus the extra real estate on the screen allows a lot of great options! It should be fun and I can't wait. I have already tested my current apps on the iPad simulator and the up scaling is very good but still things do become more pixelated then I would like in some areas of the screen. It is still awesome to be able to see what an iPhone app looks like not only on the iPad screen in 1x and 2x mode but what the icon will look like on the home screen.

    Sorry for the ramble...I will keep everyone posted on the iPad app as I move forward :-)
  • EastboundEastbound Member, BASIC Posts: 1,074
    Sounds good!

    And I was planning on upscaling my current project to make an iPad version, but it sucks being at the mercy of the GameSalad team to fix the current errors.

    And yes, I'm afraid some of my projects are broken now, too. There goes updating Kill the King with more levels, I suppose.
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