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We're glad you're here! Please make this a great forum for everyone by posting topics in the appropriate forums, treating your fellow Creators with respect, and by giving constructive, meaningful feedback and help to each other. We're really excited about GameSalad. We can't wait to see what you create. Welcome again!


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    We have a lot of information on our wiki, http://gamesalad.com/wiki ,and it is always being updated with more information. Check out the Reference Library, FAQs or the How-To's there if you have questions.

    If you can't find your answer there or somewhere else in the wiki, feel free to post your questions on the forums and we'll try to answer it the best we can, as quickly as we can.

    If you know the answer to a question someone else asks and we at Gendai Games have not answered it yet(or even if we do), feel free to give your feedback or even add to the wiki explaining how to do something. We encourage public participation. Please be nice though.

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    When your making enemies in a game how do you make them keep on coming from every random direction?

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    How do i get OGG file sounds , which website did you go to , to get your explosion sounds and classic firing sounds?
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    QUOTING BeyondtheTech

    As someone who used to run bulletin boards all the way back to the days of dial-up and PCBoard running on DOS boxes, here are some tips on making your forum experience a positive experience, not just for you, but for everyone else who uses the forum as well.

    1. SEARCH FIRST. It may be a known fact by now, but even I was scratching my head the first few months I was here - the magnifying glass on the upper-right corner of the website gives you the ability to search for anything on this site, including the forums. By searching first, you can quickly find out if the topic you are looking to post has been discussed already or is currently being discussed. By searching first, you will...

    2. REDUCE REDUNDANT THREADS. With new posts of repeatedly answered questions, wish lists and feature requests, and having one post of your game, then another post of an update of your game, I think we all can appreciate less threads to trudge through. Especially when most people stare at the "Latest Discussions" section and the threads are just shifting down like crazy, especially when people don't...

    3. USE DESCRIPTIVE TOPICS. You do have a whole line (it even word wraps!) to put something eye-catching and descriptive, so please refrain from naming your topic something completely useless like "Question..." and "Help, please!!!" Also, if your topic is something that's directed toward someone, write them on their wall, or go to their email or website and contact them through there. But, if you want others to chime in also, leave out their name on the topic and place it in the body of the topic instead. With these practices, the board doesn't end up look like a crazy IM chat history, but a bunch of informative, useful topics, full of discussion, hints, tips, and input from everyone in the community.

    Just think twice before you hit that "Send Post" button to make sure you've gone through the 3 simple steps above.

    I'm sometimes guilty of this, too, so I hope this serves as positive, constructive criticism for everyone here, as we all continue to develop really cool games and apps under GameSalad, help each other get the most out of the engine, and lastly continue to help GameSalad grow into the engine we all want it to be.
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