Earth Attack 2.0 is now PROMO TIME

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Hi everyone Earth Attack 2.0 is out now :D


Please leave a review, thanks guys.


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    So did anyone download?
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    iDeveloperz..I already have your game but i know how you feel when you give out all these promos but no one gives any gets frustrating so i just wanted to let you know that i couldnt take any promos cause i already have your game but i posted a 5 star review...Hope The best for you
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    Okay, here's the deal. I really like the idea, but it was really, really gltichy for me.

    On most of the games astroids started destroying themselves as they entered from the left side of the screen. In bonus mode, all I can do is pause or quite the game, there is no menu button. It took me a while to figure out the Space Race control as it wasn't in the instructions, and then nothing seemed to happen except when my ship reached earth, it says I won.

    I'm really sorry, but if I can't leave at least a 3 star rating, I'm just not going to do it... at least for GameSalad builders. I feel I owe everyone that.

    I think you have a great idea, but you need to work out the glitches. If you can get out an improved update, I'll be glad to revisit your game and give a rating. I'm leaving feedback here as constructive, not to be mean.
  • iWiniWin Member Posts: 334
    i Agree on some of the glitches..THe game is fantastic but there are a few bugs..
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    Ok thanks for your help guys, I have just posted 2.1 to apple.

    But do you know when it says...

    Has encryption been added, removed or modified since you last uploaded a binary for this product?

    What does that mean?
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    It doesn't matter, does anyone think Earth Attack is overpriced?
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    Oh i will do a menu button for when you pause the game but for now you have to tap the score on the left hand side.
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