The 60 Most Influential Games of All Time

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Anyone disagree with the order or think there are glaring admissions? :-)

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  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    I agree with a lot of that list including Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Eye, Mario Kart, and even DDR, and I'm glad they put Mario 64 in there, and of course #1 being Doom.
  • JeffreyShimaneJeffreyShimane Member Posts: 372
    I think Super Mario Bros. should have been #1. After the post-Atari video game crash, video games looked like a fad that flamed out. The NES, fueled by the pack-in Super Mario Bros., resurrected the entire console gaming industry that's still going strong today.

    I remember when Doom came out. It was an impressive gaming experience but no one outside of computer game players really knew about it. Sure, it's one of the godfathers of FPS, which have continued to grow in popularity to this day, but to me, that's about the extent of its influence.

    I would have probably cut the list down to about 25. There seemed to be a lot of fluff in there. For example, Guitar Hero is a fun game. I've played the hell out of it but it's basically DDR with your fingers instead of your feet. It was popular but the whole music gaming genre that was popular for several years is almost dead now. To me, that's not influential.
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