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Hey, I don't think I ever posted in this section so I'll introduce myself.
I'm Kaps (MabiGames), name is Maxime, from Montreal Canada, and I've been making games for quite a while.

I started with RPGmaker and then Game Maker for many years. I studied level design at Campus Ubisoft and been a game tester for a little while, but my real dream is making 2d games for a living. I bought GameSalad a year ago but only started using it seriously a few weeks ago(patches really helped developement speed on my kinda low mac).

I have made many PC games, but now I'm really trying to get my first iphone game finished. I love making pixel art and starting with vector graphics, but I'm not that good of an artist, and even worse coder. I also make some sound and music without being really good at it. My real passion is game design but I love making every aspect of the game.

If anyone is interrested in teaming up to make a small game together, or even help each other with our own projects, feel free to message me :)

Few of my games:


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    Those games look great, welcome!
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    The edit button seem to have disappeared, some people messaging me to team up, so I just wanted to add that I haven't coded most of these games, and I'm not the main artist of the second one (Zuwaka).
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    @Kasper- can you send me an email?

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    pm sent
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