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I saw a tutorial video I guess it was made by TSB about setting up a pause/play musis system. Could anyone do me a great favor pointing out the address of this video? Thanks a lot, Jose.


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    I made an example template a couple of weeks back. If you put 'sound slider example' into the new project search you can download it. It covers quite a bit of stuff and is labelled up.

    hope it helps


    edit. I am not sure what is happening but the download projects doesn't seem to be working correctly. It will work but sometimes brings up other projects
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    that is it! It is from TSB! Thanks a lot beef_clyro!
  • netojosenetojose Member Posts: 67
    When the music finishes I want to change scene. What I did was to put a change scene after xxx seconds. Those seconds are the lengh of the music. However if I use pause, that won´t work. Is there a better way to do it?
  • netojosenetojose Member Posts: 67
  • netojosenetojose Member Posts: 67
    Well, i just did what TSB tough in the video but when it resume, it goes from the beggining, not from where I paused.

    Any comments on that?
  • netojosenetojose Member Posts: 67
    I got it... after a day working that happens

    I still don't know how to return to my initial scene after the music finishes by itself. I used a rule = 0 go to the previous scene but that was not good.
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