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Captain Slobber

mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
I am Roman Bemer, an independent developer and I will contact you to present a game that I created "Captain Slobber" on Iphone.

Captain Slobber is “shoot'em up" 2D and horizontal scrolling.

Video address:

See you soon I hope. (sorry for my english)
Roman Bémer


  • HasifUzirHasifUzir Member Posts: 41
    Hi Roman,

    Your game looks awesome! Certainly better than what I'm creating. Haha.
    Good luck with your sales :)

    BTW, the big blue enemy in the trailer, is that a boss?
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    Thanks HasifUzir. The bluebird in the trailer is a boss and the game was made ​​with gamesalad.
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    sorry for the typo, it is not Roman but Romain
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    This is the first test of Captain Slobber. Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • guillefaceguilleface Member Posts: 997
    game looks really good, graphics are really nice, they only thing i dint like is the control, is hard or impossible to stay at one position, i dont know if you did it so its difficult, but i think if you add the option to control the player with up,down buttons or accelerometer will be better, no everyone like the same type of controls, check this in my opinion has really nice controls, search on itunes for "platypus lite" like i say is my opinion i dont have to be right :)
  • guillefaceguilleface Member Posts: 997
    i read alot of reviews and for games on itunes this way i can see what customer like and dislike, and one common problems for bad review is the controls, you can have the best graphics but if people are not able to control the player nice, they will leave bad reviews
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    thank you for your advice, guilleface. The controls, is the big question. From the feedback I have, people who played a single time "Captain Slobber" are a little confused by the controls. But those who play it more than once, is that the controls are part of the gameplay and are adapted. I'll wait a bit and I will customize it if necessary.
  • memoangelesmemoangeles Member Posts: 23
    I loved the graphics and the character design, it gives it a really unique look!
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    an update is disponilbe with:

    New Boss appaered
  • guillefaceguilleface Member Posts: 997
    so you agree with more control :) hey so how are sales my friend, iam working on a similar type of game but your graphics are way to much better than mine, i dont think i would do better than yours then
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    Yes, thank you for your advice, guilleface. But sales did not take off.
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    "Captain Slobber" participating in a tournament:

    Feel free to go vote!
  • andrewm2211andrewm2211 Member Posts: 341
    This game is awesome! The creative direction reminds me of earthworm jim.
  • JanobeJanobe Member, PRO Posts: 46
    Great game :) The graphics are very creatives.

    good work!
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    Thank you for your comments. "Captain slobber" won his first duel. Thank you to everyone who voted. But that did not finish ...
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    an update is disponilbe with:
    The game is FREE.
    Register your score in Game Center.
  • strangealienstrangealien Member Posts: 40
    This looks amazing. Do you work in graphics?
  • mrpopomrpopo Member Posts: 22
    yes, I am illustrator
  • strangealienstrangealien Member Posts: 40
    That explains the polished graphics!
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