Uploaded my game to Apple for review with a shtinkin bug

GrubGamesGrubGames Member Posts: 77
This is my first game. I submitted my game on Tues. 6/28. I've been playing the AdHoc on my phone to unlock some levels to show friends and found a bug caused by some last minute changes in images. I have since made the changes but my app is already in review. Needless to say my pride was most damaged by this.

My question is, what is the process for submitting an update after it has been approved?


  • giacomopoppigiacomopoppi Member, PRO Posts: 914
    The process of submitting an update after the approval is sumple:
    1) go to your app in itunes connect
    2) select "add version"
    3) follow the procedure given by apple (they ask you what is new about the version + version number)
    4) publish the updated app through GS using the same provvisioning profiles
    5) through application loader, load the application

    Done ;)

    -the version number you choose in itunes connect must be the same to the one you choose when publishing in GS

    -the update will require the same amount of time to get approved. It is as if you are publishing a new game.
  • GrubGamesGrubGames Member Posts: 77
    Hey thanks for the detailed process. You're awesome.
  • SAZ_1SAZ_1 Member Posts: 397
    you can always reject the binary while it is in review and upload it again...might save a few days...knowing apple though you may get away with it..
  • devjohnsondevjohnson Member Posts: 94
    You should reject the binary and re-upload it IMO.
  • GrubGamesGrubGames Member Posts: 77
    Thanks guys, done and done.
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