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RPG Level-up System?

svnsvn Posts: 445Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
I'm trying to make a shooter-RPG game with a medieval theme for Mac(not iPod/iPhone). The shooter part is- well, it's obvious. And I have an idea for the level-up in RPG's. It's like this: When the actor levels up, I would pause and make some actors visible. If you clicked on a certain actor, your abilities would be increased, like Speed and Jump(i.e. Speed would go from 300 to 500 and Jump from 400 to 900), and these would be saved with Save and Load attributes. Would it work? And how much processor power would be needed?


  • youngster9youngster9 Posts: 326Member
    It would probably work but you would need a lot of attributes and it will be very difficult. good luck if you get it done. An RPG is very hard too make even with a more powerful program.
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