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Question about the Released List on the App Store

osucowboy18osucowboy18 Member Posts: 1,307
Hey everyone,

So I'm working on a HUGE update for iSubmarine that will hopefully help sales increase. My question is this. If you update an app, does the app go back onto the Released list on the App Store? If it doesn't, would you suggest I remove iSubmarine from the App Store, then re-release it with the new version so it will be posted on the Released list again? Please share your thoughts and experiences on this issue. Thanks.

- Alex


  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Member Posts: 6,256
    No they stopped putting updates back on the top of the list
  • osucowboy18osucowboy18 Member Posts: 1,307
    Ok thanks. So if I remove my app from sale and then re-release it when the new version is approved, will that get me back on the list again?
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