Think Apple would accept this game?

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One of my favorite games was called Dragon Force, for the Sega's Saturn. Released around 1997. I found the sprite repository for the game on the Internet, as well as some music. For my first project, I was thinking of making a free game called "Dragon Force Tribute" that would recreate a fight from that game with the sprites and music I found.

I'm pretty sure that one fight from a series that ended over ten years ago, given out for free, would qualify as a fair use. So I'm not concerned that working designs (do they still exist?) would sue me or anything. But does anyone think that the apple store would be OK with it, or would they have a problem with it just to err on the side of safety?


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    Well the game IP is a Sega property, so they'll still hold all copyrights and will defend them... So it wouldn't be a good idea to do the project, as a free game or not.

    Working Designs were only responsible for doing the western translation of the game... It was originally created by Sega Japan.

    I'm not sure why you'd even consider trying to do a fan game, as they very rarely reach fruition without the original IP owners consent. If you like the game, and want to do a tribute to it, then that would be a different matter... But you'd need to create and use completely new assets.

    There's nothing wrong with creating a game inspired by another, but your on very dodgy ground doing what you were suggesting.
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    1). Apple may well spot it. They may not. But you are breaking the your terms of agreement by doing so if you don't have copyright clearance. If they do spot it then you've lost 'your' work.

    2). Fair use. I doubt it.

    3). Copyright doesn't expire at 10 years or if the game was free.
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    you need about 20 more years before that material become public domain.
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Member Posts: 1,114
    ultima said:
    you need about 20 more years before that material become public domain.

    WellI I think it's actually 50-120 years before copyright will expire, depending on which country your in according to the Berne conventions on copyright. So unless your trading in China or another country that completely ignores copyright laws, it's gonna be a long wait.

    The idea of Abandonware is a bit of a flaky concept, and generally banded about by people who are trying to justify making money from other people's IP.
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    While I think it could be a fair use, you guys are probably right that it would not be worth the trouble/risk. Also, I'm not sure that Gamesalad can handle a hundred actors running into each other at the same time anyway :P So I guess I will come up with a different first project.
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