How To Determine The Correct Size of Your App

osucowboy18osucowboy18 Member Posts: 1,307
Hey guys,

I am just about finished with version 2.0 of iSubmarine, but I want to make sure the app's file size is below 20 MB so the user can download over a cellular network. However, there is no consistency with the game's file size. GameSalad Creator says my app is 10.4 MB. However, if I right click on the .ipa that is produced when I go to test my app on my device, it says something like 15 MB. Then when I am selecting the app to put on my phone within iTunes, it says my app is over 20 MB. So which is the correct size of the app, or how do I determine if Apple will say my app is below 20 MB? Thanks :)

- Alex


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