Tried contacting THREE artists to no avail

bluebyu25bluebyu25 Member Posts: 500
So I tried contacting 3 artists recommended by fellow GS'ers. Not one of the them has replied. I was professional in all of my messages. I don't get it. Does anybody know some that actually like to reply to people trying to pay them cold hard sexy cash?


  • bluebyu25bluebyu25 Member Posts: 500
    Thanks John I will drop him a line.
  • 3d103d10 Member Posts: 471
    There are many available here.You should just tell your requirments you will get replies
    and you can choose the right one.
  • omatterixomatterix Member Posts: 3
    @ bluebyu25,

    i just joined the forum recently..i am an expereinced game artist looking for paid positions you can have a look at my art here:

    Drop me a line if you find something of mutual intrest..and let's see where we can take it :)

    you can contact me at:
  • 3d103d10 Member Posts: 471
    Your art looks good.
    I will test you out when needed.
  • omatterixomatterix Member Posts: 3

    thnx dude..will look forword to it :)
  • debugdesigndebugdesign Member Posts: 886
    The best way to contact an artist for a quote is as follows:

    Hi Artist,

    I really love you work and would like a quote for my upcoming game.

    Game Title:
    Game Description:
    similar to:
    Budget: **This is important** what is the amount you are willing to pay for everything / per item
    Graphic List & Description of each:

    I look forward to your response.



    If you do this then YOU have an idea of the assets you need and the artist can quote accurately and give you group discount.

    I hope this helps
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