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Sock Monkey Canon for iPhone and iPad

vinny1575vinny1575 Member Posts: 26
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hello Everyone,

I first want tho thank all of you for the wonderful advice on this forum. I have not personally had to ask any of you a question yet because of all of the documentation both formal and informal. I have developed apps in Objective C, Flash, Flex, and HTML5/Javascript. And I've never felt as empowered to create apps as I have since using Gamesalad! Anyway on with the app announcement.

In Sock Monkey Canon you shoot an animated sock monkey head out of a wood canon and use your drawing skills to guide it in the right direction. The goal is to gather all of the bananas in under 2 minutes. Your score is based of of the bananas, time left, and monkey heads used.

I have had the game out for almost 3 weeks and since then I have released an update for game center. I will be updating game center with a board for each level very soon. I have also fixed a couple of bugs as well (let me know if you find any! Please!).

There is and iPad and iPhone version. I have also released a lite versions of each, but I am going to put 10 promo codes at the bottom of the post for the full versions of the game.

Thank you and please provide feedback.

Sock Monkey Canon HD (iPad)


Sock Monkey Canon (iPhone)



  • _Belial_Belial Member Posts: 19
    Just had a play, it's ok, but there are much better angry birds clones out there.

    * please add some instructions. Took me a while to realise I could add fruit ninja swipes to bounce the monkey off.

    * add a button for power, it's annoying having to control cannon and power from same touch.

    * shorten game name, text under icon is Sockm..ey hd

    * give user option to zoom out a bit more

    * tapping screen during view of play field at start leaves you where the view was. I'd either take them to cannon on touch or ignore touch during that.

    * make level boxes bigger. They look lost in the centre of the iPad screen.
  • vinny1575vinny1575 Member Posts: 26
    Will do.

    I have instructions when you buy the app but I will add them in the game. I was my plan to actually make an in game demo.

    I actually thought controlling the power with the same touch was kinda cool, but oh well.

    Ya I noticed the game name thing to. Woops! I think I did that by accident in the update.

    Zooming out? You mean like a pinch zoom? Great idea!

    Yep view of play field needs some polishing.

    All great ideas! Thank you very much for your quick review.

    Any others?
  • vinny1575vinny1575 Member Posts: 26
    Have you tried the iPhone version?
  • JamieOneilJamieOneil Member Posts: 877
    Did you make the graphics yourself ?
  • vinny1575vinny1575 Member Posts: 26
    Many of them yes. I used the clouds and grass from the canon template. And I got the bananas from a free clip art site, but I made the monkey, canon, boxes, buttons, etc using photoshop.
  • JamieOneilJamieOneil Member Posts: 877
    vinny1575 said:
    Many of them yes. I used the clouds and grass from the canon template. And I got the bananas from a free clip art site, but I made the monkey, canon, boxes, buttons, etc using photoshop.

    You should not take the graphics from the templates :/
  • vinny1575vinny1575 Member Posts: 26
    It said that the graphics where free to use on te description didn't it?

    If there is a rule than I will promptly take it out, but players wouldn't know any difference.
  • vinny1575vinny1575 Member Posts: 26
    Could I get some more reviews of gameplay?

    Pretty please?
  • vinny1575vinny1575 Member Posts: 26
    Eh. I just did a bit more looking on the forum. I guess it is a pretty big deal to even use clouds from the templates.

    I will remove them in the next update.

    Sorry to whoever made the canon physics template.

    I'm not here to steal anything.
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