Paint Wars - New Game Coming Soon

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Hey Guys,
When I made my goodbye post to the GameSalad forums post, I was told to keep you guys updated with my latest creations. Paint Wars is a variation to the average dual stick shooter.
I took the simplicity of the Angry Birds story & evolved it into the Paint Wars story, which I will reveal at a later time. If you're wondering, the game is paintball based ;) Before I put any more effort into writing this thread, I'd like to get 'permission', as this game is not going to be developed in GameSalad. Then again, I did put this in the non GameSalad game news, but I don't mind if you guys only want to focus on GameSalad games even from an old GameSalad member developing in another SDK. If this thread is not closed within an hour, I will continue blogging my progress & use this thread in the future to ask opinons on the game, what should be included, etc.

What might interest you is the development team :)

Programmer - NextGen
Artist - JohnPapiomitis
Composer - (Hopefully, I'm trying to hire him) AriTunes, the composer for Angry Birds.

Please just let me know down below if you are interested in hearing more.



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