Re-releasing Apps

TumbleSoftTumbleSoft Member Posts: 63
Hi I was just wondering how people feel about pulling an app from iTunes and then re-releasing it as a brand new app under a different name. I feel this may benefit us as developers as I find the majority of an apps downloads are in the first week.

The app that I would be interested in re-releasing is my app Down! Halloween as it only got approved on Halloween Last year so I lost a lot of sales that i could have had in the build up to halloween.

I will be interested to here your views.


  • DrGlickertDrGlickert Member Posts: 1,135
    I agree with TSB. Sometimes, a 2nd version will increase the sales/downloads of the 1st version. Notice when you go to download a game it has a list of "Other titles by this publisher." Some people, if they like the 2nd version, will pay/download the 1st version as well.

    I'd leave the first game up, make some tweaks and changes, release a new game and call it a 2nd game and capitalize on the downloads.

    Also, I'd release an update for the 1st game right before the release of the 2nd game. When you do that it'll increase downloads as well.

    Good luck.
  • TumbleSoftTumbleSoft Member Posts: 63
    I understand your point.

    My problem is that I probably don't have time to make enough new levels before halloween as i have a lot of work.

    What do you think of the idea of either releasing the game for free however with adds for my other games and keeping the original on the app store.

    Or releasing a Down! Collection with the original game and the halloween edition in it.
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