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Developer for Rent

wormilwormil Posts: 127Member
Hi all,

I'm currently in a holding pattern, awaiting some assets for my current game. I figured I'd offer my services at one hell of a cheap rate.

I'm offering my time at $12/hr to do development, fix bugs, find bugs, anything pretty much code related.

How I want to work it:
You tell me what needs to be done, I'll give you an estimate on what I think it will take me to do the project (or bit of the project). If you agree, I'll implement it for you, and make a small video of it working. If you agree to the video as a demo, you can pay me and I'll give you the code.
What if it takes me longer than I said? I'll eat the cost.
What if it takes me less time that I said, if it's more than an hour, I'll invoice you only for the time used. If it's within an hour, I'm billing what I quoted.
If you choose not to pay me, I keep everything I've done for you to use how I want to use it.

I've a long history of application development (~12 years) on linux / windows and for the last three years, I've been quoting time professionally for my current employer, with all deadlines meet dead on (I'm a fairly good judge of myself!).


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