Update on making money from youtube and website ads. Important info here.

TheMenOfHonorTheMenOfHonor Member Posts: 147
Hello. In an earlier post, I told you guys about affinity click,
and ow easy it was to earn money from your site by putting ads
on it.

I soon noticed that my "clicks" had to be reviewed,
and often times I would get nothing for my clicks even though they
were 100% legit.

I only get about 4 cents per click, sometimes only one cent, so when
Youtube invited me to earn money from my videos, I decided to try it

Since Youtube is owned by Google, they use GoogleAdSense which
can also be used on sites.

I chose affinity click before because they pay you through paypal while
Google uses checks.

Anyways, after months of not getting much which was expected
since I wasn't being very active, I only reached .76 cents with
affinity click.

I've been with googleAdSense for two days and I've already made $2.06.
I know that is very little, but I am considering the fact that right now,
I am currently not putting any effort into driving traffic to my site or
youtube (That wil come at a strategic time soon ;p ).

I am getting about .54 cents per click instead of .1-.4

So as of now, I can say that GoogleAdSense is the better service of
the two. It is still pretty early, but as far as cents per click go, GoogleAdSense
kicks Affinityclick's behind by a long shot. Though I'm sure I would have
earned more with bigger traffic, that is not something I have right now.


  • BackUpAndDownBackUpAndDown Member Posts: 685
    Are you referring to the youtube partnership program?
  • TheMenOfHonorTheMenOfHonor Member Posts: 147
    No that is something different.
    Though the youtube partnership program seems great,
    I was invited by youtube only to monetize my videos.

    You have to apply to become a partner, I haven't applied to
    it it because I probably wouldn't be accepted as of now :P
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