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app with "display leader board"

Player_EPlayer_E Posts: 604Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Does anyone have a free app with gamecenter leader boards out that I can download and look at a few things to see how exactly it comes up? I would prefer if the app had more than one leader board.

I am trying to get the leader boards put into my games but want to see it in action before doing anything.


  • Player_EPlayer_E Posts: 604Member, PRO
    I was wondering if I had 4 leader boards, but one button to show leaderboard, can the player scroll through the different leader boards to view the others once one is displayed?
  • Player_EPlayer_E Posts: 604Member, PRO
    Just wanted to bump this to see if i can get an answer to my question
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