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How would I construct an interactive game, where when someone presses a button it would say what it is, that they pressed?


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    Create a rule in your button actor;

    When touch is pressed
    Play sound ....

    Have your sound say what it is that they have pressed.
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    is it that easy?

    Do you have any other suggestions?
    It will be for children with learning difficulties. Anyone that has had experience with children that may benefit from this application, please post your ideas :)

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    Here is a link to a very interesting article that might be good for you to read.

    Generally I would say that good design is even more important in this area. Clarity in purpose is essential and interface design has to be the best it can possibly be even if simple. If you are going for a language free interface then consistent positioning and clear signalling of function for controls is essential. Work with the idea that feedback to input is important. Your consumer may vary in their abilities so mixed feedback may work- sound and vision. Some may like to explore variation while others will like repetition.

    The group 'moms with apps' has a good site and fair reviews. It might be a good place to find apps that might be useful as reference or use. Some very interesting experimental stuff can be found at . These are mostly designers doing interesting projects with software and there are some great apps for free that could also be interesting.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks, a lot. I would like your post, but that option is gone :)
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    No Problem. Post again if you need more links or reference. There is ton of stuff out there and some of it very good. The Apple guidelines for interface design are really good and well worth reading (even if they come across as a bit worthy). The principals apply to all users.

    Ipads, itouches and phones are great devices. I would have a really good look at what is out there before you go reinventing the wheel, but if you have a great idea or a personalised project you want to make, go for it. And test, test, test... It will guide your development, but can divert you off the your path if you don't assess a broad base of users. All the technical stuff on how to make apps is pretty much here on the forum and cookbooks. If you have a idea already I would just watch through the videos and start making tests of bits to make sure you understand things, but have your goal in mind so when you watch things you can see there usefulness and relevance. A paper design is a really good start point, and if you can define your app before you start then all is good. You can change things as you learn.

    anyway . good luck. Kipper
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    Thanks, I appreciate your answers. Very well written, and great explanation :)
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    My little brother has autism
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    @ mrglocking, sorry to hear. What would help you and your family better communicate with your brother?
    Any special features, puzzles? What is the most difficult aspect of having a brother with autism, and how can this application reduce the problem?

    Chony ;)
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