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Hi ,
Iv been working a a game for a few days.
Iv followed Tshirtbooths tutorial on mario style controls . It works perfectly.
My question is how do i make them multitouch.

For example , This is the game screen

The controls work , but only allow one to be pressed at a time . Which is inconvenient because some levels are tricky and require the user of say do and right at the same time.

This is the tutorial i followed for the controls -

Any help would be appreciated.



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    Emailed You

    Comment still welcome
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    The template helped a bit , still dont understand it .
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    so what you saying is , that i can copy and paste the rules from your demo to my game and put the change atribute behavious where you had the constrain behaviours
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    Oh im so confused :)

    From the beginning
    1.Create rules identical to the multi touch demo
    2.Put my behaviours (Change atribute) into rules

    Do this for all four buttons

    Sorry for the hassel
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    I dont get it , i can get a actor to move across the screen (left) and diaganaly in you demo. I did what i said above in your demo and it worked . I dont get why it wont work in my game
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    Okay , I think Iv figured it out
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    Yh iv got it working , the only thing is that the actual touch area on the buttons is rather small - im guessing that its the +50 thing

    will removing it use the whole button and not just a small square
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    Okay , sorted that out aswell - Thanks for your help
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