Combining touch offset with camera offset.

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So basically I've made an actor that I can drag around the scene with my mouse. I followed Tshirtbooth's "Camera Offset: following mouse or touch in large scenes using GameSalad" cookbook tutorial and it worked wonders for keeping the drag in place while the scene scrolls to the right. I then proceeded to add the touch offset from Tshirtbooth's "Touch Offset on constrained actors gamesalad" tutorial on top of these rules, so that the actor would not always snap to the center of where the mouse is. Unfortunately the touch offset seems to cancel out the camera offset. Is there an effective way to combine these two? This is what I tried: image I'm totally stumped on this one. Thanks guys!


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    Tshirtbooth, is it possible to combine these two? I know you are a busy birthday man :P
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    Thank you Tshirt! I'm headed out for a bit, I will try this evening.
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    This logically seemed like it would do it, but unfortunately adding the brackets didn't have any effect.
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    Thank you, I sent the email.
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    Wow that was fast, I bow to you! You were right, the brackets were exactly what I needed. Like you said, they have to be added to the other rule in the stack also, I always overlook little details like that. Thank you very much Tshirtbooth.
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