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Free Tracks For Your Game!

pbscoringpbscoring Posts: 25Member
We are currently re-designing our website and while we wait to launch it we are offering gamesalad users free tracks from our library!

All you have to do is "like" us on facebook and then contact us through our website telling us your name (so we can match it to facebook) and what track you want. We will then send you the track which will be yours to use in one of your games. The copyright to the track will remain ours so others can also purchase it.

"Like" us on facebook

Choose a track from our current library

Unique compositions are also available to gamesalad users for only $10! Again just "like" us on facebook and then contact us via our site. Any questions are welcome.

Thanks everyone.


  • crazyfishdevcrazyfishdev Posts: 283Member
    some sound great! I will most likely be taking you up on this one. I just have one problem... My parents won't let me have a Facebook. I can site you in my game, follow you on twitter, but I have no Facebook. :(
  • pbscoringpbscoring Posts: 25Member
    Hi crazyfishdev! Because you are the first to take up the offer we will send you a track to use if you follow us on twitter and gamesalad instead. We would also appreciate a clip of your game (trailer) when it is finished if possible? Contact us through our website to get your track. Thank you.
  • pbscoringpbscoring Posts: 25Member
    Last chance for you to claim your free track. Offer will end one week from today. Thanks.
  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks they sound really cool!!
  • pbscoringpbscoring Posts: 25Member
    3 days left :)
  • mychonymychony Posts: 56Removed
    edited December 2011
    I like it. You should have new like :)
  • pbscoringpbscoring Posts: 25Member
    Thanks mychony!
  • pbscoringpbscoring Posts: 25Member
    The final straight, 24 hours and counting. Thanks everyone!
  • pbscoringpbscoring Posts: 25Member
    And that's it. Thanks to our new fans! We do still offer special discounted prices to gamesalad users, so get in contact with us through our site if you'd like a quote.
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