How important is the app description and what can be done to improve it?

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How important is the app description and what can be done to improve it?
Any tips and tricks?


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    app description is very important. Hopefully QS is around, hes by far the best i know at writing descriptions, and well writing in general. He did the description for grisly manor and a bunch of other work for other users. IF hes around maybe he can give you some tips.
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    haven't seen QS online a lot

    I don;t really look at the discreption when browsing the app store, the icon is more important IMo

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    The following is one of my apps descriptions that isn't selling as well as I'd expected in contrast to my other similar apps:

    "Drum and Bass Machine is the ultimate tool for creating Drum and Bass on your iPhone.

    This diverse device features three touch-operated synthesizers, each which can be played simultaneously to create a multitude of different sounds. Each synth is customisable and can be played over two octaves with a choice of 8 different types of sound.

    The sample pads are fully customisable and you can select up to 12 of the 16 samples available and insert them in to your set up. Samples include: percussion,vocal fx, sound fx and reeces.

    Select from one of fifteen different drum loops, then play your bass lines and samples over the top to create your own unique drum and bass.

    The volume of all synthesizers, drum loops and sample pads are fully adjustable, just touch and slide the green volume displays.

    Everything you need to make Drum and Bass, all in one app!

    Also check out our other electronic music apps:
    'Dubstep Jam'
    'Wobble Bass Station' "

    Perhaps you could criticise the description and rate the logo:
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    start off with a 'Hook" …

    Here is … Your Ultimate Drum & Bass Machine!
       * do NOT be formal  
    * avoid full sentences when possible
    * use bullets
    you try to be clear and concise; not grammatical and verbose … write ad-copy not an essay.

    but, include everything that will convince the reader to buy—everything that screams ease-of-use and fun!

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    Thank you for all your pointers, I've read up on this a fair bit and learnt quite a few new tricks.
    In response to Mother Hooose...
    I think you are correct but this is dependent on target market, the younger the market the more straightforward the description.
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