So I was starting to make a hack and slash type game [Question]

digletodigleto Member Posts: 76
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And I want the weapon to be separate from the character to I could just switch out the weapon if they upgrade it or whatever. I cant do that though because then I cant animate the character with the sword. And if I animate the entire character again I will have many many images, which takes up to much memory. Any ideas on how to remedy this?


  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Member Posts: 2,456
    to keep things smooth in animations you should have separate images for each of the character-with-weapon iterations.
    hero with sword
    hero with shield
    hero with bow
    and that is a lot of characterImages … but not to difficult to make as the hero part of the image is on the base layer to all.
    if you implement images changes with Change Attribute: self.image To: … rather than using the Change Image behavior and limit the # number of images in each animation (4-8 should work well) … it should not greatly affect memory or fps.
    (the images in the animation sequence do not become elements in the scene.)

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