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A good read for those wanting to get your feet wet being an indie!

izamizam Posts: 484Member, PRO
Hi guys, I'm not sure if these 2 articles been posted here, (I hate using the search feature on this forum, it doesn't work well for me).

We all want to achieve those great looking revenues from teh app stores be it iOS or Android. I hope this will give you an idea and also some inspiration.

As for me being an indie for a year ++ now, I must say I'm enjoying it thoroughly. More positives than negatives. Here's looking forward to another good year for 2012!


  • ssloom891ssloom891 Posts: 41Member
    verry helpful ,thank you for sharing that .
  • izamizam Posts: 484Member, PRO
    here's a vid that I like from Will Smith...

    it don't matter if your talented. What matters is the skill...and the crazy amount of effort beating on your craft till you get to that highest point that you want.
    This is very very true. Just look at some of the successful guys here using GS. Keep trying and keep working folks!
  • ozboybrianozboybrian Posts: 2,102PRO
    Great video! Will Smith is so wise.

    I like this one :)
  • PixelgunPixelgun Posts: 111Member
    Good food for thought, thanks for sharing. Gamasutra is a great site for game design articles.
    @Izam Curious, by the looks of your icon can I assume you made Cataline Kitty?
  • izamizam Posts: 484Member, PRO
    @Pixelgun yes I made that Cataline Kitty last year :D
  • PixelgunPixelgun Posts: 111Member
    edited January 2012
    @Izam Nicely done! I love the graphics, the fabric and hand sewn look. The game play is fun too, the whole thing is very well done. Did you make that with GameSalad?
  • izamizam Posts: 484Member, PRO
    Thanks @Pixelgun ! yup all my games are done using GS. It's the fastest game dev platform I've ever used!
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