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Ever since I started using game salad, I always wish there was a simple behavior to take a screen shot. Yes I know it's easy by pressing two buttons at the same time, but it makes the apps look primitive compared to the other apps out there. Besides, making it as a simple button tap, would be much user friendly.

Wouldn't it be cool to use a screenshot behavior on a cool part of the game? Say when blowing something specific up? Or making valentines day, Christmas, holiday apps where potential buyers can take a screenshot of a character they created in a "create a character" type of app or greeting card or something?

I can only assume it would be simple.. I say "simple" because the coders at gs were able to take away the pain of coding away from us, I'm sure access to the iOS camera roll and screenshot script should be easy for them :p

What do you guys think?


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    when we get out of Lua this mayhap be possible … would be a nice feature/function!
    as it stands now, think it would be rather difficult to save to cameraRoll and import back to GS

    as for the user creating designs or assembling parts for a char/items … that is doable …
    and saving/loading their creations works …
    just have to do the devices' [off]+[homeButton] to save to iPhoto
    works well and teaches the user a new/nifty trick

    @};- MH
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