Legible Font For Basketball/Urban Game

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Hey guys,

It's been a pretty long day for me today. I spent the day searching the internet for a legible, neat font that would suit my game well. Eventually, I found a font on Blambot (http://blambot.com/font_theend.shtml) read the license agreement and purchased it. Later though, I sent the designer an email making sure that I could use it for my game. He told me I had to pay another $300! THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

So now that I'm out $20, I'm looking for a font that is legible, neat and preferably looks a tiny bit like graffiti/urban as that is what my game's theme is. Oh, and I want to be able to use it in my game without paying $300 :)
Do you guys have any suggestions?

Henry Abrams


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    Its not a terribly unique font and I personally would have expected that if you used the font to produce bitmap images that used in game then it is not a lot different to using them in print media for which you have paid for. You're not distributing the 'software' of the font, just images created with it. An additional $300 is steep I think. I would point out that you are trying to distribute the font just some images of words within your artwork in game, so the font is not itself distributed. If the owner still wants the 300 drop it and look elsewhere.
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    Hey @old_kipper
    Thanks for the input! I've already tried that though and he's not willing to budge... Do you have any other similar fonts you could recommend?

    Henry Abrams
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    So have you looked on dafont.com?
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    @poopdecksweeper I have probably looked at 90% of the fonts on the internet, including on Dafont ;)
    I might have missed a few though...
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    Thanks @SlickZero!
    I haven't seen that website, but I have seen most of those fonts on dafont/1001freefonts and some other websites.
    I'm just looking for something more legible... Maybe less graffiti-like and more normal because I don't want the user to have to think about what the text is saying...
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    Wow! $300 !

    I think the guy is conflating software distribution and software use.
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    @Tynan That's what I thought too... But I explained it to him, even made a video of how it'd be used and he said it's still $300!

    @UnicornInvasion Thanks! I think I'm going to go for a more "Cartoon" style font because the graffiti fonts I find are just too hard to read...
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    I think to the uninformed the 'app world' is a goldmine of endless riches where to even put together a basic working iPhone/iPad/Android game means you are guaranteed a million dollars, stick the word 'app' on anything and people's money alarm goes off !
    I bet if you asked if you could use it in a YouTube video he'd have no problems. Like old_kipper suggests, I'd drop it, it's not worth the hassle, but I imagine if he attempted to sue anyone over using the font in an app (having bought it) he’d be laughed out of court.
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    Pretty much everyone I know thinks the app market is quick cash. I'll tell people I develop applications and they just assume I've made Angry Birds or Doodle Jump, and they think it's all glamorous. Little do they know that I sit at my computer all day ripping my hair out with frustration and make about $20 off of each app I publish :)

    Anyways I've given up with the Blambot font, because he clearly isn't willing to budge.

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    " Little do they know that I sit at my computer all day ripping my hair out with frustration and make about $20 off of each app I publish "

    I'm looking forward to that day, I'm at the 'crying into my coffee' stage where actors wonder about the scene seemingly of their own free volition and nothing does anything much resembling an actual game, I want the glamour and high drama and thrill of being at the helm of a 20 dollar gaming empire. :D

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    Ah yes, I remember the 'crying into my coffee' days... But don't worry, it only took me 87 years to get from that stage to my newly achieved excellence!
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    ah! for that $20  @redsky …you might have bought Art Text 2
    there is a light version … also on MAS

    type in a word (or letter) in a font that basically resembles what you want (make it size and style you want) … Edit as Shape …
    drag some points around to make it your typeface look/feel … add textures, gradients, shadows, lights, etc. …
    change the shape of a letter/word/ phrase … view it on your background … export the text as a .png

    And, doing so takes less time than searching for a font!

    Besides this capability: there are many, many nice things to do … with very little effort and lots of speed … in Art Text 2!

    @};- MH
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    That's not a bad idea! I've already got Art Text 2 so I'm going to give that a try.


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    You are fine using png images of fonts in your game.

    Are you sure that he realised you were using bitmap renderings of the font? The actual "SOFTWARE" as described in his license is not going to be in your game. Your are OK using images made from any font (in the USA). Once GS allows installation of your fonts into a game THEN you would need a special license. This is probably why the set of fonts included with GS is small.

    edit: I hadn't read kipper's post very well as he had basically covered it - anyway if the guy is in the US and you have already given him $20 to license the font you can do what you want with the images you create.
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    Ya isn't it like somewhere around the top 5% in the app market makes the majority of the money.

    Not to mention by making games we have to compete with EA and other huge game companies that Apple and Google just give promotions of their games to.
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