Check out my portfolio!

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I really don't like to advertise like this, but I'm very proud to have gotten a small chunk of my portfolio onto the web. Check it out!
Any compliments criticisms, or advice are welcome!


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    @RD I think (correct me if i'm wrong) but this has to go into the third party links part of the forum.

    Anyway, i'll check out your portfolio now :)
  • RDRD Member Posts: 88
    Thanks for fixing that link - I'm not sure why my one didn't work... Anyway agreed with you Tynan, I tried to use the "intro" section as it's sort of introducing my portfolio. Excuse me if it doesn't make too much sense.
  • RDRD Member Posts: 88
    remember this isn't all my stuff, just random scraps I end up making in my spare time.
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