Sky Wheels - Work in progress...

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Hey all,
Currently working on a new title Sky Wheels. A new type of side scrolling jumper.
When you land on a Sky Wheel, you tap it to jump to the other. The longer you stay in the air, the more points you collect. Here is the catch though, the longer you stay on the Sky Wheels, the more point get shaved from your score. As you jump from one to another, you can destroy the stars to collect bonus points. To open up the portal at the end of each level, you must collect all three Orbs.

With parallax scrolling clouds and sky, and the challenge of hitting each Sky Wheel at the right time, this will look really polished when done!

What do you guys think?



  • akstudiodevelopmentakstudiodevelopment Member Posts: 93
    Thanks TSB!

    Yea, I will be changing them to Gold stars to match the theme. Only 11 levels so far, but more coming. The challenge is, do I change the theme i.e. sunrise, dawn etc as the levels progress...

    I will try and post a video in the next day or two.

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