Ink Blend Puzzle Game "INK BLEND MASTER" Release !!

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Blend the inks and make it the closest color to the sample!!

image image

image image

Blend the 2-4 colors carefully in the time limit. Can you make the color like the one your boss told you to? This ink blend puzzle game judges your keen sense of color!


VS mode is really exciting too!
You can play face to face against the opponent with your iPhone (iPod Touch)!
Bring your color closer to the sample and faster than the opponent and get the coin, it’s really going to be exciting!
The accuracy of the color you blended will be important as well as how fast you can mix the color!

[ How to Play ]
1. Select single or VS mode.
2. Select the challenge level.
(EASY→2 color, NORMAL→3 color, EXPERT→4 color)
3. Boss will specify the color as a sample.
4. Add a color for each ink by tapping within the time limit, please close to the sample color.
5. Tap "OK" when you think the colour matches to the sample colour.
(within the remaining time, their scores will be higher.)
6. Press "Reset" ink button when you added too much ink, and start from beginning!

This app is not to reproduce the color of CMYK exactly.
Please enjoy the game.


INK BLEND MASTER Lite iTunes Link Free Version


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