Map Master USA - Now On The App Store!

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I am happy to announce the debut of Map Master USA, a game that tests your ability to identify the 50 American states and their capitals. Move the blue capital city tiles to their correct positions on the map. Watch out for the high voltage boxes - contact with them will cost you time. You have three minutes. If that is not enough time, the Department of Regulatory Compliance (DORC) will deport you to Antarctica.

Here's the link:

Thanks, and please give me a five star review!


P.S. Huge hat-tip to TSB, who made the shake screen and constrain to mouse tutorials that this game uses!


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    I don't like the icon …
    the description seems poor to read with long sentences …
    and capitols is spelled wrong …
    the screenshot needs rotated

    that said, I watched the video:

    and, liked the content of the intro … but did not like the beeping

    would that you had added a scene for state names … with official abbreviations instead of stars
    … to play before the state capitols

    that said … I bought the game!
    because I thought you did a great job with it!
    and know the kids are going to love the high voltage!

    then looked at your Aleph Bet … and gifted that to other set of grandbabies.

    so, though this might sound negative … I am very positive about both of your games!

    Thank you for making these for me and my family to enjoy and learn!

    image MH
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    תודה רבה
    (Thank you, Mother Hoose!)
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