Our Amazon App Store Experience So Far!

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Hey there everyone,

I've been away from the forums for a few days as we've rolled our a couple of our iOS apps onto the Amazon App Store for Android to target the new Kindle Fire! And I must say, this market looks to be very promising indeed. We've been on Amazon for a little over two weeks now and have already made around $200.00 so far with just two of our apps! We are very pleased with the progress so far and would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about our launch on Amazon's App Store!


To kick off our debut on the Amazon App Store for Android, we brought one of our most popular iOS apps over to the Kindle Fire - iJetSki! With the release of iJetSki for Android, we also equipped it with the all-new Kiip Rewards system GameSalad recently introduced. So far, our customers seem to love the new rewards system. While we hope to have the iOS update of iJetSki available soon (after we work out some issues with Apple), iJetSki is available NOW on the Amazon App Store for Android here.

A few days ago, we launched our second app for the Kindle Fire, another one of our iOS apps - iSubmarine! iSubmarine also comes enabled with the new Kiip Rewards system recently introduced to GameSalad. Just like with iJetSki, our users seem to like Kiip Rewards on iSubmarine as well. One of our users even told us she won a $5.00 Best Buy gift card just for playing iSubmarine on her Kindle Fire! We hope to have the iOS update of iSubmarine out to users soon, but for now, check out iSubmarine on the Amazon App Store for Android here.

So if you're still with me here ;) be sure to check out our apps on the Amazon App Store for Android. And stay tuned as we continue to release more apps via the Amazon and Apple App Stores!

Thanks for your support guys!

- Alex


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    Hey, get on Nook! While I had a similar experience with Amazon, it peaked and diminished, just like App Store. But with Nook, I've been having regular sales for both apps 3 weeks running now, with no signs of slowing down. I even get sales bumps, no standard peak/diminish.

    While the Nook process seems a little tedious, the submission/approval process is way quicker than the other two. My apps took about 3 days from submission to publishing (it seems all apps are published on Wed?).
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    Hey thanks for the suggestion @LiquidGameworks! We've been thinking about expanding onto the Nook as well, but not knowing much about how sales have been for other developers, we haven't messed with it yet. Good to know it has potential.

    On another note, we just broke $200.00 in revenue today with our two apps after being on the Amazon App Store for only a couple weeks! We are working on porting some more of our iOS apps over to Android soon, so expect much more in the near future. Thanks for your support so far everyone!

    - Alex
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