success with iPad only game?

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I'm close to finishing my latest game. somewhat close, and after releasing it, it will take me sometime to resize it for the iPhone. so has anyone had good success with the iPad by itself?

what about the mac appstore?


  • alimpo83alimpo83 Member Posts: 188
    I have no experience (yet) because I'm working on my games, but I'm taking the opposite way you are : first Iphone and Ipod, then Ipad. Why don't release it for the two machines? The iOS license is the same! For the Mac you'll need a separate license so I guess that's really your call.
  • 3xL3xL Member Posts: 676
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    thats my plan.. but its not as easy as you think! lol
    i have to resize all levels to iPhone size. i might end up buying DBA resizer but we'll see

    any one else scan comment on my question?
    Actually, my basketball game on iPad is out performing my iPhone version by almost 400%. I'm not sure why really.
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    don't worry, be bold and release that game! i'm in the exact same position, am working on the polish right now
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    @3xL .. may want to read this thread. I created apps for iPad and resized for iPhone very easily:

    re your question, I haven't seen much difference between the two.
  • 3xL3xL Member Posts: 676
    Thanks guys!


    Yes I've read this thread a few months ago.

    Some of my apps, all I have to do is change the camera settings and a few other things.

    But this game is a little more complex than my usual games. Unfortunately if I run the iPad version on the iPhone through the viewer, it displays perfectly. But I can't publish it to it lol.

    I will read your thread tonight and see what I can do with it :)
  • bazookaBenbazookaBen Member Posts: 318
    an ipad game offers so much more room for touch/swipe interaction. that's what i'll be focusing on, and hopefully it translates into a great experience.
  • 3xL3xL Member Posts: 676
    Yea you're right. I have a game called "terra god". Sales were better on iPad as well. I guess ppl other than myself, prefer the bigger screen. Either way for optimal sales, it's best to release on both :)
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