Okay I'M pissed

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Who is Lionsgames? And has a game Jet PLane Fighter. Everyone knows I do my video tutorials as a generous favor. I don't push any products or advertise my loops in the marketplace through any of my videos. This scumbag used the comment section of my latest video series to sell his templates! So I blocked him. So hey douchbag don't try it again! I don't like being screwed with! I do this out of good will and don't like having my good will tarnished. I'm getting sick of what is going on in the forums and I'm about ready to pack it up around here and just work in full competative mode, as in make your own damn game and build your own damn development company.

Okay so I found the name of the user by tracking a post of his game "VegardLoewe" I leave it to you @StraightSaladShooter


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    Not quite sure who Lionsgames is, but I think you're over-reacting a little. Sure, he used your video comments to advertise a template of his, but packing it all in because someone said he's selling a template seems like an overreaction.

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    I guess that is my choice. It kinda like the straw that breaks the camel's back.
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    Something got you hotter than your coffee this morning! ;)

    Seems to be the trend of the times. It's simple really. Common courtesy,etiquette. ASK before acting. But some some folks don't like the answer (or potential answer) and do it anyway.
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    Ah Yes..I always cross my T's and dot my I's @StraightSaladShooter ; )

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    @SSS I know it's not your fault. I'm just mad at the world..lol I just get weary of the people who don't care about others as @RP said. Basic courtesy seems to be lost on this new generation. What can I say, I'm oldschool, when your word was your bond and one demonstrated good will and courtesy with their actions not words. What pisses me off is the profiteering that permeates a good part of the community around here. Trust me, I'm not against profit and such but there is a way to conduct good business without coming off as a used car salesman.
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    He shouldn't advertise his templates under your videos without your permission.
    But hey, it's Internet - you can't be sure that others will play fair. I can understand your frustration, but on the other hand, you could possibly predict such actions, and block adding comments.
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    he also commented with advertise on my gamesalad tutorials on youtube. I immediately deleted his comments.
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    @FryingBaconStudios You are so right. I try not to be so angry anymore because there always will be people like that and in the end getting angry only hurts yourself. Instead I beat the hell out of my drumkit ;)

    Looking at the picture he is indeed an #$%^&*!
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    I'd be careful going about Dox'n someone in this type of software development forum. You're looking at a can of worm nearly impossible to close. Public shaming is dangerous if you don't know a person or group. Best to tread slowly - probably ought to go the calm discussion route. *just a suggestion from a 43 yr. old that has 17 yrs. of online experience ;-p
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